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4 Essential Business Books For Growing Businesses

There is no shortage of great business books as there’s a shortage of time to read them. Like anything, if we do not make time, it will not get done. Investing time in reading books is a challenge for most leaders, and there’s no silver bullet in carving more time; this requires a commitment to spend 15 minutes a day to read and be inspired by a great book.

Here are four of our favourite business books for growing businesses that we recommend to our clients and their teams.

Execution | The 4 Disciplines of Execution

4DXWhat are the important wildly important goals that your business needs to execute properly in its current state to continue fulfilling its mission?

Have you determined the important activities that need to be done to achieve and support your Wildly Important Goal? Great teams invest their best efforts in those few activities that have the most impact on the WIGs. These are called the lead measures.

Does your team have a scoreboard to track the score? Discipline #3 is the discipline of engagement. Even though you have defined a clear and compelling game in disciplines 1 and 2, your team won’t play at their best unless they are emotionally engaged and this happens when you can tell if you are winning or losing through a clear scoreboard.

And the fourth discipline is accountability. Though you have a clear goal, have identified the few key activities to achieve your goal and a scoreboard, your team can fall short without consistent accountability. This is the part that teams struggle with as they implement 4DX because we are prone to focus on the important and urgent tasks (the whirlwind) vs the important but not urgent that help innovates and improve the business.

For Branding | Building a StoryBrand

StorybrandDonald Miller’s Building a Stroy Brand is a fantastic framework to help teams clarify their message so that they can connect with their customers.

The big idea of the book is that your customer’s story must be central to your marketing – that’s every touch point from website to customer service.

The book walks you through a 7 part framework that helps you understand who truly are your customers, what their challenges are, and how you can best communicate with them.

It’s an easy read and a great book to read as a team and walk through the framework.

We believe, after reading this book, you’ll a few ways to quickly improve your business.

For Strategy | Scale Up

Scaling Up

Scaling Up provides a framework to run your business.

The principles in Scaling Up are aimed at helping growing businesses to keep an eye on the long-term, while simultaneously having everyone laser-focused on the #1 priority of the company. The book also provides clear tips and guidelines on getting the right people onboard (and keeping them happy!), and on how to improve your cash position (and keeping it healthy!).

There’s a lot of how-to implementation from Jim Collin’s Good to Great book.

For Culture | The Ideal Team Player

Ideal Team Player



Similar to other books from Patrick Lencioni, the Ideal Team Player is written as a fable. The big idea is that the ideal team player embodies three virtues: humility, hunger and people smarts. The power this combination yields drastically accelerates and improves the process of building high-performing teams.




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