2018 Small Business Marketing Report

As a small to medium size business owner, you and your key team members wear a lot of different hats as you manage and lead your business. One of the many hats you likely wear is marketing; where you do what you can to promote your business and connect with customers.

At Creativeo we’ve seen first hand the resource challenges business owners face when it comes to strategically driving a marketing plan that connects with customers and grows their revenue.

Connecting with customers is easier than ever, but due to lack of time and resources, businesses fail to take advantage of the opportunities available to have a winning marketing strategy.

For the past three years, the folks at Infusion Soft have been conducting an annual marketing trend report, which highlights the opportunities and challenges business owners face. The following are the highlights from their report – do check it the full report here.

2018 Small Business Marketing Report Summary

Small business owners don’t have the time or resources for marketing. Most small businesses reported that their greatest challenge is getting a break from the fray long enough for marketing


Lack of time or resources for marketing is a recipe for a failing business. Here at Creativeo, this is the #1 challenge we see facing business owners, and it is why most businesses fail to win.

2018 is the year of social media marketing. Seventy-one percent of small businesses plan to use social media content in their quest to acquire customers

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding social media marketing, and equally, there are good champions in this area like Gary Vaynerchuck who demonstrate what it takes to succeed with social media marketing.

Digital marketing success remains elusive to most small business owners. Forty-six percent are unsure their marketing strategies work, 17 percent know they aren’t working

For a marketing strategy to be successful, you need to clarify your message so people will listen, and that they understand how you can help them. It starts with brand clarity of who your customers are and what are the problems they’re facing. From your website to all your marketing materials, you’ll need to be communicating a clear and consistent story that helps you connect with customers.

Are your marketing efforts effective?

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Facebook is overwhelmingly the social media platform of choice for small businesses. Seventy-five percent of small business owners will include Facebook in their social media strategy

Though Facebook is the popular choice, it doesn’t mean it’s the ideal channel for your business. It’s not about being available on all channels but picking one that helps you offer value to your customers.

Gaining and keeping customers remain the top marketing goals. Nearly one out of every three (31 percent) small business owners said driving sales was their top goal for 2018, and fully one in four (25 percent) said they’ll prioritize retaining or re-engaging the customers they already have

To gain and keep customers, you need to ensure your marketing and sales team, which are your business development team, are working together. Where marketing creates opportunities, and the sales team engages and guides the prospect of why your product or service will help them succeed.

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